Summer Center

Centro Estivo al Kursaal

Crescere Insieme (Growing Together) is an Esperia project that has always been committed to the development of early childhood services which is also carried out in selected establishments along the Roman coast of Ostia to place the summer center between sea and beach, discovering a fantastic marine world .

The Kursaal Village plant in Ostia is therefore proud to have been selected and to be able to contribute to this very important initiative dedicated to children between 3 and 14 years old to make them have fun, learn and spend an unforgettable summer. The activities proposed at the Summer Center aim to stimulate all the children’s communication channels through the enhancement of all expressive forms (preparatory sports activities, theater workshops, recreational-motor activities, workshops of artistic-expressive activities, etc.).

Over the years, Crescere Insieme has developed its own authoritative and recognized pedagogical model that is inspired by the fundamental contributions made by the Montessori pedagogy of the “Competent Child”.

These concepts have been taken up by Goldschmied, by the pedagogy of the “100 languages” of Loris Malaguzzi, by the theory of multiple intelligences by Gardner and by the collaboration with the academic world and the Innovative Research

The theoretical model that the company has outlined and patented of the “Pedagogy of one by one” puts boys and girls at the center of the project with their rights and their skills which are the first value to be recognized and shared with teachers, families and society.
For many years the Company has been a partner of leading national and international companies with which it designs internal nursery structures and events in line with people-care policies, implementing moments of entertainment and projects for the enhancement of being both dependent and parent at the same time. .

The experience that Crescere Insieme can bring to the field ranges from the technical design of the structures to the training courses, without neglecting all the consolidated skills relating to the management of large recreational and educational events.
Great importance for the Company are all the initiatives and services dedicated to the disability of children, from DSA to severe cerebropathy, with the aim of developing their skills and improving their autonomy and the pleasure of being together as well as giving concrete support to families of each of them ..

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