Servizio Spiaggia

Whether you are in the company of your family, friends or even simply a good book, the magical and informal atmosphere of the Kursaal Village will be ideal for regenerating yourself and getting away from daily stress; the clean beach, the sun loungers by the sea, the comfortable deck chairs, the umbrellas, the cabins and the wide range of accommodations ensure the maximum possible well-being.

The entrance to the beach has two access routes, one for daily entrances and one dedicated to subscribers; each area has its own dedicated staff to accommodate guests’ requests and provide for the correct arrangement of the sunbeds and umbrellas in compliance with the rules.

Come to the Kursaal Village and enjoy a fantastic holiday or even a single day of relaxation between sun and sea.

kursaal village beach team

The qualified staff of the Kursaal Village factory will always be at your side to help and assist you making your day even more relaxing.