Food and Drinks Service

The famous trampoline of the Kursaal Village, characterized by the circular shape that incorporates the initial name of the establishment, is ready to offer you many moments of pure fun, while the imposing swimming pool will allow you to swim in complete safety while sunbathing by the pool and maybe also participating in the various recreational and sporting activities. The swimming pool is in fact that added value that this Ostia establishment can boast compared to the others making it much more than a classic bathing establishment with beach facilities.

For this reason, the Kursaal Village beach resort in Ostia also offers an excellent restaurant service. The cafeteria of the structure located in a large outdoor area surrounded by vegetation, offers a very varied menu, with both hot and cold dishes including seafood and land specialties. Particular attention is paid to the selection of the raw materials with which our dishes are prepared, aimed at creating simple but very accurate recipes to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

There are also several simple and appetizing dishes, suitable for the tastes of children and a rich selection of salads, fruit and sweets to complete the offer.

Sea, sun, relaxation, fun and excellent food! This and much more is what the Kursaal Village in Ostia is able to offer its guests to make them feel on holiday even for just a day ..