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the most historic bathhouse in Ostia


It was born in 1950 on a project drawn up by Arch. Attilio Lapadula with the intention of creating a luxury facility with highly qualified services.
The project was subsequently expanded by Eng. Pierluigi Nervi with the extraordinary self-supporting circular mushroom roof of the central building used as a bar restaurant and the construction of the large trampoline with a characteristic circular shape that incorporates the initial of the name of the establishment.

``KURSAAL`` name of architectural complexes whose various destination (thermal establishment, hotel) can be declaredly reduced to the unique denominator of worldliness.

the most famous beach club in Ostia

present day

Today the Kursaal is the right balance for your body and your mind, if your desires are absolute rest or sports activity. Every day there are many leisure offers available for all ages: beach volleyball, beach tennis, kite surfing and many land and sea sports. For children there is a colorful baby garden where you can play safely and a swimming pool dedicated to them. Our centerpiece is the Olympic swimming pool.
Since the 2009 season, the completely renovated cafeteria overlooks a bright garden with games of color, shadows and gentle slopes. The menus, personally supervised by the restaurant manager, are rich in local, national and international products. Here you can delight yourself with delicious gastronomic appointments at all hours of the day: from the traditional breakfast with freshly baked croissants to the pizza or afternoon ice cream with particular attention also to the diet menus.

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  • Baby Club
  • Summer Center
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  • Kursaal Village Ostia Centro Estivo
  • Stabilimento Kursaal Village Mare Spiaggia e Relax
    Sea and beach
  • Kursaal Village Ostia Piscina Olimpionica con Trampolino
    Swimming Pool